Font Stripe October Seven

Font Stripe October Seven preview The Stripe Shadow October Seven is an unique display typeface. The big striped letters have a good readability which makes it perfect for every design that needs to have an unique, yet striking look.

The Stripe Shadow October Seven comes in a striped, and striped shadow version which gives you the opportunity to create multiple unique designs. Download

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Font Txuleta Deco 1

Font Txuleta Deco 1 preview Txuleta is an elegant display type of modernist style, geometric construction and wide proportion.
Txuleta is a modernized descendant of the didonas typographies, with extreme contrast between antlers and thin bodonian serifs.
The typography is composed of 3 combinable styles by layers to create multicolored typographic headlines.
Txuleta includes alternative letters for some uppercase and lowercase letters, old style numbers and other Open Type functions.

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Font Bottled It

Font Bottled It preview Please see the enclosed file “FSLA_NonCommercial_License.html”, or visit the link for the terms of use of this font. Long story short, you can use this font for free for Non-Commercial (Personal) use, but if you want to use it for Commercial use you will need to purchase a license here:

Thank-you, and enjoy the font! Download

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Font Cowboya Tuscan

Font Cowboya Tuscan preview Cowboya is a typography with concave Tuscan serif very contrasted and modernist inspiration with letters in small caps, includes 5 versions of the font that can be used by superimposed layers which results in multicolored typographic titles.

For the design of this typeface I was inspired by the credit titles used in the black film directed by Frizt Lang in 1950 called The House of the River, to the drawing of the original forms of the letters i added decorative elements to give the fonts a festive character, traditionally this type of decorative fountains that emerged in Italy in the nineteenth century were used in large headlines and posters that were closely related to circus shows, carnival or environments of the Far West American. I have also rounded the sharper joints of the antlers and counterforms to create a contrast with the sharp Tuscan serifs which brings a modern background of techno inspiration and soft shapes.

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